CA5120THB truck-mounted pump main properties and features

  • Adopting special heavy duty truck chassis of FAW’s JIEFANG BRAND to afford an elegant and original outline and comfortable driving with strong horsepower,economical oil consumption,reliability and endurance.
  • Power system adopts 6-cylinder diesel engine of international famous brand –GERMANY DEUTZ (or CHINA’s famous brand engine),has steady and reliable property,and is equipped with automatic accelerator for economical fuel consumption.
  • Hydraulic system adopts GERMANY REXROTH’s oil pump and AMERICA VICKERS’s control valve which match and combine perfectly.
  • PLC computer control adopts such brand electric parts as SIEMENS,LG,SCHNEIDER,etc.
  • All operations can be realized by short-distance-control and wired remote-control. Wired remote-control and control box are two separate operating devices to ensure reliability and safety.
  • S-shaped reversal valve,hard alloy eyeglass and incising ring are equipped with rubber spring which can auto-compensate clearances between end faces to ensure a proper sealing property.
  • Mixing can rotate forward and backward,conduct fast and slow operation,and remove the aggregate blocking problem timely.
  • Big-diameter transport cylinder affords good suctionability and large pumping discharge. Pumping capacity can be infinitely controled to match with various output quantities’ needs.
  • The machine has such functions as positive pump,negative pump,and touch-move,etc. while delivery pipe cleaning and concrete piston changing are both handy.
  • High-pressure cleaning system is set to facilitate vehicle cleaning.
  • The lubrication of bucket and concrete cylinder are both auto-lubricating and lubrication occurs at pumping happening.
  • Main oil cylinder sealing parts are of AMERICA PARKER while concrete cylinder inner wall is thickened chronium coat to successfully ensure 200 million m³ with no problem.

High-low-pressure switch valve designed with patent greatly reduces fluid resistance of main hydraulic system to improve system useful power by 20%.

Main Technical Parameters for CA5120THB Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Item Name Unit Parameters
Parameters for the Whole Truck Product Model HDT5120THB
Overall Dimension (length×width×height) mm 9000×2490×3000
Full-load Total Weight kg 12000
Max. Traveling Speed km/h 93
Min. Turning Radius m 18
Max. Grade Ability % 37
Approach Angle 22
Departure Angle 13
Main Pumping Technical Parameters Diesel Engine Model BF6M1013CEP
Emission Standard European Ⅱ
Max. Engine Power kW 161/2300(kW/(r/min))
Oil Consumption g/kw.h 205
Main System Pressure MPa 32
 Hydraulic Oil Cooling Model Wind cooling


Theoretical Concrete Output M3/h 90
Theoretical Concrete Pressure (high/low) MPa 12
Pumping Times(high/low) times/min 22
Rated Horizontal Delivery Height m 180
Delivery Pipe Diameter mm Φ125
Feeding Bucket Volume L 0.6
Feeding Height mm 1330
Concrete Landslide Degree cm 8~23
Max. Aggregate Size mm 40
Distributing Valve Mode S-Valve
Water Tank Volume L 500
Lubricating Mode Self-lubricating
Pumping main technical parameters Chassis Model CA1120PK2L2EA80
Wheel Base mm 4700
Engine Model BF4M1013-16E3
Emission Standard European Ⅲ
Max. Engine Power kW 118
Max. Engine Torque N.m 620/1400r/min
Cylinder Diameter × Stroke  mm 108*130
Displacement L 4.764
Oil Consumption within 100 kilometers L 0.193
Oil Tank Capacity L 200